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Catherine Gurr – Business Bitch

About BUSINESSBITCH,  Catherine Gurr

Business Bitch, is the business coach, who provides you with the tools, support and a new perspective on how you can move from where you are to where to want to be both personally and professionally.

If you want help with your business and someone to listen, brainstorm and support you, where it is all about YOU and your Business, you’ve come to the right place.

Congratulations on having the courage to look into your forward journey.

Now, follow through and make the brave choice to work ON your business, not just IN it.

The journey ahead is one to be excited about. Now read on…


Why the name Business Bitch…?

To quote a Forbes magazine Article.

…”So when it’s time to make tough decisions, step up to the plate. Be tough. Be clear. Set goals. Provide resources. And if people call you “bitchy,” say, “Thank you.” – Geri Stengel, Forbes Magazine 

Over the years, having said thank you many times, the name stuck.
Business Bitch is Catherine Gurr, a dynamic and inspiring business coach, who offers coaching, mentoring, training, facilitating, public speaking, seminars and much more.

Working with business owners, managers and their teams, Business Bitch takes a customer-focused approach that is intuitive, individual and results-driven.

Catherine’s aim is to help clients to gain clarity around what they WANT, be clear on where they are NOW, then develop the HOW strategies and set and achieve the goals that will bring success, whatever they may look like for each individual client, in their businesses and their lives.

She has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners and businesses and their teams, and although their turnovers ranged from start up to $64 million, Catherine found that each client shared many of the same needs and challenges. Perhaps your business is not making money, running at a loss, or your growth trend has levelled out or is starting to head downwards.

Do you have issues with team members? Have you entered business with a skill set for the product and service you provide, only to realise that you’re not armed with the other 90% of what it takes to run a business? Or you’re feeling that in opening a business all you’ve done is bought yourself a job, only you’re earning less money, working longer hours and have more pressures and stress than if you worked for someone else.

Do you feel alone, overwhelmed and unhappy with how things are but are too busy or time poor or trapped in routine to address the need for change?
Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, not getting the results you want, have no one to brainstorm or confide in, and your life and business are just not what you want?
Catherine will join you on your journey, helping you to clarify what you WANT to achieve in your business and personally, to identify where you and your business is actually at NOW and then together you’ll get into the HOW of realising your goals – proactively planning, making decisions, following through with action. And being held accountable.

Who is Business Bitch?

“Don’t settle for ordinary.  Be extraordinary”  – Catherine Gurr

At the age of 24, Catherine bought an historic hotel, borrowing 100% of the purchase price, and the journey to this end, was one of unwavering persistence, determinedly finding new ways forward in the face of obstacles, never giving up, until her dream was reached, followed by 8 successful years of this business ownership.

Her diverse career as an employee, employer, general manager, CEO, business owner, company director, lecturer and board member across a diverse range of organisations – private, public, community and not-for-profit – gives her a unique perspective and immense experience from which she draws knowledge, wisdom and insight, so you can be confident that you’re in good hands.

In addition to a wealth of knowledge from her ‘hands on’ business ownership and management experience, Catherine has invested thousands of dollars in study, accreditations, certifications and knowledge to add further skills and resources to the tool kit she shares with her clients.

Personally, she has also experienced challenges with work-life balance and faced and overcome adversity in the business world, so understands how those issues affect business owners today.

High energy, passion and a very real desire to make a difference for every client and their business are what make Catherine genuinely stand out from the crowd.

Her huge commitment to customer service, along with a great sense of fun and upbeat personality, brings a new focus to each business and generates positive and ongoing change in businesses and in lives.

Catherine’s business ownership, professional career and credentials however do not tell the whole story however. She believes a business is about more than the profit it makes. It’s also about the owner, their beliefs, path and purpose, so she supports them to find the reason to bounce out of bed every day and make their difference.

Catherine has known for as long as she can remember that her purpose is to make a difference. To give to and serve others. It may seem cliché, but for her, the drive to help others is genuine and powerful and it’s through business coaching that she’s realising her own dream. So, she’ll take care of you and your business like her life depends on it.
Because this is not just a job for her. It’s her life’s path, her purpose, her calling. Realising her goals by helping you realise yours.

“If you think I’m too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito”. – African proverb  

Catherine is strong and determined with a huge, compassionate heart thrown in. She’ll get you believing in yourself because she learnt that to be successful she had to believe in herself.

Her life has been about achieving all sorts of firsts, taking risks, refusing to accept “no” for an answer, finding it a challenge when told that things can’t be done and having no fear in the pursuit of possibility and potential.

Yes, she has even walked on fire with Tony Robbins and on broken glass with Olympic Gold medalist Natalie Cook, proving to herself that mindset is a powerful tool..

Business Bitch, Catherine Gurr… Care factor and passion, combined with experience and expertise, strength and determination, to get you and your business on the right track.

Accreditations include, but are not limited to:

  • Accredited Business Coach
  • Accredited Results Coach
  • Accredited Success Coach
  • Accredited Empowerment Mentoring Coach
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Ericsonian Hypnotherapy
  • Reiki Master
  • Licensed Training programs
  • Assortment of additional certifications
  • Ongoing study…