The value in saying ‘THANK YOU’


• Hard for some, so if that is you, practice saying and writing THANK YOU!!
• Notice all team behaviour and good things they do, what they offer, then reward it with a personalised acknowledgment that thanks them
• Turn the wrong team into the right team by appreciating them and bringing about better behaviour
• Encourage your team to acknowledge each other
• Create a new culture in your workplace
• Saying thank you improves moral
• It boosts productivity
• Increases customer service
• That results in more sales!!!!
• Enjoy a better culture and more successful business, by being grateful and saying THANK YOU.
• Don’t forget to thank your customers too, and your suppliers, in fact everyone who has anything to do with your business.
• What are you waiting for?

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Today’s tip is about two words, THANK YOU.

So get in front of the mirror and practice, because these are a hard couple of words that people struggle to say.


Business owners and managers out there, you are surrounded by a great team of people.
And if they’re not great they can become great, once they feel appreciated.

They turn up for work, say ‘Thank you.’ They do something great, again, say, ‘Thank you.’
You can put it in other words, like, ‘I really appreciate the way that you did that,’ or ‘Well done on the way you dealt with that customer,’ or ‘ That was great, the way that you supported your team member.’

Say thank you in whatever words work for you. Show your appreciation so your team know that when they turn up, they matter.

The more they feel that they matter and the more that you congratulate them for the great stuff they do, guess what? They are going to do more great stuff.
Logical, isn’t it? And, if you don’t notice the good stuff they do, in time, they will start to think, ‘the boss didn’t notice it, so I’m not doing that anymore.’ They will pull back, turn up, go home and do only what they have to in between.

Yet, if they feel, ‘I am thanked and I am appreciated, hmm, I might do more of this stuff. This is pretty good because my boss is noticing me. My boss is saying THANK YOU.’

And, you know what? Saying thank you and showing appreciation is going to change your whole workplace culture in your business.

You do it to your team and they will do it to each other. Encourage them to thank each other for help. Encourage them to give their teammates a pat on the back e.g. ‘You dealt with that customer really well! You rock!’
Do high fives, celebrate wins, create high-energy, make a sale – make applause throughout the business. When something great happens in the business, celebrate it!

And your customers will notice, believe me.

Create a great culture, improve productivity, keep your team longer, and surround yourself with the right team.

Your team wages are one of your biggest expenses, so for investment return alone, it is not just about the pay cheque. Your team want to know they matter. They will be more loyal as a result and go that extra mile.

Your customer service will improve, which will lead to more sales and growth in your business, and it costs you nothing, except to be willing to say thank you.

But, you have to mean it, and you will have to really look at your team with different eyes and look for the good they do.

But it all starts with these two words, THANK YOU.

So go say thank you, right now.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is:

1. Make a list of all your team
2. Write down all the good things they are and do
3. Some will be a struggle, particularly team members that you feel are not performing
4. So, watch them, and look for good things.
5. Multi layered organisations, instruct your Managers and Team Leaders to do this exercise.
6. Make sure great actions by the team are reported up the ladder, so a more senior manager makes an effort to acknowledge something they have done. It’s a two prong appreciation. That their supervisor or manager thought they had done something of significant merit to report it to their boss, who in turn then offered the praise.
7. This works in businesses where owners re active to some degree but have a manager for the day to day, and take on board and deliver these thanks.
8. Create events or meetings. Something as small as a 10 minute daily huddle where you share instructions for the day and include acknowledgements. Or a weekly team meeting or a monthly team meeting or a barbecue to get the team together.
9. Encourage the team to be complimentary of each other by rewarding it.
10. Celebrate in the business. Make sure that all positive comments are recorded and there is a forum to applaud. Every sale is recorded and there is a forum to acknowledge and applaud.
11. Make sure the team are included in all the good news in the business.
12. Add thank you in your daily dialogue but make it real. Don’t say thank you just to say the two words, say thank you because you have found a reason to give that person or your team true acknowledgement. Write those words in your diary or planner, somewhere to remind you that you must find a reason to say these two words as regularly as possible genuinely.

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