‘Wowing your customers’


• What is going to make your business stand out from your competition?
• Customers perceptions, especially the first one, make a lasting impression
• So be aware of what those perceptions are based on – TOUCH POINTS
• Touch Points explained; individual experiences that build the customers perception of your business
• List all Touch Points for your business in detail
• An example – is dining out at a Restaurant
• Create process around your touch points and put them into practice
• Build your ‘wow ladder’ with new exceptional Touch Points, by adding those unexpected extras, extra touches or extra deliverables
• Continue to make every single experience your customers have an exceptional one
• The results:
o Will be a ‘buzz’ happening in the market place about your business
o You and your team feeling great about coming to work each day.
o Potentially an increase in word of mouth sales
o Your customers loving being in your space and doing business with you
o The more you delight them, the more they will buy from you and more often

RESOURCE: Click here for a Strategy Action Plan

Let me ask you, do you want to WOW your customers?

At the end of the day look at all the competition that is out there. Potential customers can select you, select your competition, it is all about choice.

So what is going to separate you from your competitors?

What’s going to make you stand out?

What will make people come to your business?

Let’s have a look at a couple of tips here. Consider this, imagine your customer is coming from out of space; so if they come from outer space and are hovering around your business, they may be wondering, “Are these people friendly. Can I breathe here? Is it safe for me to land here?” It is an analogy, so humour me.

Imagine this could be your customer and the uncertainty attached as to whether your business will deliver. Put yourself in their place, and then think about how you are going to be Martian-friendly, so that when they land you are going to be saying, “Hey, we are safe. Hey we’re going to look after you. In fact, we are going to wow you. We’re going to deliver to you something you are going to go back out there in the universe and say hey you have to go there because these guys have got it right.”

So let’s talk about what that is.

Doing a very simple exercise called TOUCH POINTS.

Touch points are individual experiences your customers experience with you.
It could be driving past your business, could be by googling you, could be looking at your website, could be getting a referral, could be when they ring you etc.

So let’s start looking at how this works. They ring you or come in, get served, receive invoices, pay a bill, receive emails, read emails etc. It doesn’t matter what your business is, every interaction is a touch point and every touch point triggers a perception or experience from your customer or potential customer. The first perception or snap shot being the most critical.

Let me give you an example of how touch points work from a business most of us can relate to. You eat out, right, so let’s look at a restaurant.
You may drive past, you may be referred by somebody, either way you generally check it out. Google it, read reviews, ask around, call them and if you think it might be busy you would call first and may even make a booking. Then, you arrive at the restaurant. You may be met, greeted, seated, given a menu, wine list, asked if you want a drink, possibly offered the specials of the day, order taken, drinks arrive, meal arrives, meal is cleared, another course may arrive, cleared, pop out to the toilet, check out the décor, check out the condiments on your table, signage, go outside for a cigarette if you smoke, ask for the bill, pay the bill, leave and hopefully are thanked for coming; and this is just the highlights.
If we look at all these touch points there are 20-25 or more that may be relevant for your experience. And there are many more when you dig deeper…

Now think about your business. How many touch points are in your business?

Your task from this Tip, will be to list all your touch points, in detail.

And once you are aware of the touch points in your business, the next step will be to go through each one and make sure every touch point is delivering to your potential customers.

Work on the touch points by picturing your prospects and customers like they’re an alien; knowing nothing about your business. Ensure that with every touch point they feel safe and that you care, as well as understand what your business provides and stands for. Don’t short cut on the details!

Your point of difference is then taking each touch point to the next level and this will wow your prospects and customers.
When your customer receives a great phone call, great reception, great thank you, a smiling team, and everything happens fantastically for them the experience becomes a ‘wow’ experience. Every step of the way, with every great interaction with your business they begin to climb the ‘wow’ ladder. Each rung is an exceptional touch point designed by you and executed by your team.

Quick touch point to start with; telephone call. Does your business have a telephone answering script? Do all of your team answer the phone the same? Do all of your team smile when they answer the phone? Are all your team welcoming and helpful? Know what to do when people ask a question? Know how to direct a call? And do you know that when you stand up and smile when you take a call people know you want their business? They can sense it on the other end of the phone. People know you’re interested in them. So start with a simple touch point, a phone call.

EXAMPLE: PHONE CALL – Identify it as a touch point. Do you have a phone call process? If not, create the process. In order to make the touch point go from meeting expectation to exceeding expectation, practice and add to it. Even smiling as you answer goes a long way to adding to the friendliness and welcome in the call that consumers will enjoy when they have phone contact with your business.

Then, get every one of your touch points, know what they are, then create a process so they exist and then work on making them as best as they can be. So that you can offer an experience to clients with touch point after touch point that is so exceptional that your customers will climb the wow ladder and be so impacted by the experience they had with you that they will go out and tell people they know.

We all know that people will spread news of complaint, rarely make a comment if an experience is simply ‘okay’. Wow experiences are so few and far between that people remember them, so be sure to make your business stand out.

What can set you apart from your competitors is to identify every single aspect of how customers see you and make it a memorable experience for them. Make it so good that they will feel great for having experienced your business and they will take that memory with them and share it with others.

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is:

• Identify your touch points, keep digging, get them all, there are loads!!
• get your team engaged in the exercise, it can be fun, inclusive and they will be more likely to engage in the deliverable if they are part of the process..
• detail how each touch point is to look, work, put it to a process..
• train and practice them
• then work on how to improve and take then from meeting expectation to exceeding expectation.
• Remember, meeting expectation over and over with each touch point is in itself a ‘wow’ experience for prospects customers, so imagine the positive free marketing, referrals, return custom and higher spends you will get from customers, when you crank it up to exceeding expectation.. and delivering a high value experience…
• Being valued, wow that feels great doesn’t it!!

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