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2 Hour Free Discovery Strategy Session

If you are a business owner ready to make changes in your business and life, then, this Discovery Strategy session is ideal for you.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU… ? Well, it is all about YOU!

DISCOVERY… The first part of the process is the Discovery… to discover what you really want in business and in life and begin to unlock potential and opportunities .. And recognise what is currently getting in your way or holding you back..

STRATEGY .. Then we look at the strategies to define HOW you get from where you are NOW to where you WANT to be.. In bite size chunks so it is not too overwhelming..

For now, I run live sessions in South Melbourne and Adelaide, and can Skype for other locations nationally and internationally.

You take away –

  • A detailed questionnaire that provides more clarity on where you are
  • Notes from the session
  • Clear Actions specifically for you
  • And, receive follow up to ensure you have moved forward on your actions..
  • You will receive the benefits of my 8 years as an accredited Business Coach, many years as a business owner, CEO, GM, Board member, working across many business sectors, and the significant training I have literally spent thousands of dollars to ensure that I continue to grow my knowledge so that I can share it.

And, the cost is your preparation in completion of the questionnaire and 2 hours of your time.. So, ask yourself, are you and your business worth this investment..

And, if the answer is yes, then either click to Learn more, or register your interest to proceed and schedule your session.

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