What I Do




One on One Coaching

For personalized one on one coaching, tailored to you, providing you and your business with individualised attention and investment in your journey to drive your achievement of your goals.

Group Coaching

A combination of one on one coaching and working with a group of like minded business owners, to increase accountabilities, work through challenges together, share ideas, network and commit to planning 90 day strategies and sharing your successes.

All designed to determine where you WANT to be, clarity on where you are NOW and then building the HOW strategies to achieve your desired outcomes, personally and professionally.

Business Mentoring

Mentoring is working with you personally and professionally and focusses on you as a whole person. Through mentoring, Catherine will work with you and members of your senior team as required, providing her experience, wisdom and ongoing support, sharing your journey with you.
She will be there to listen, be a sounding board, support you to gain personal insights, explore your potential and guide you to be who you want to be, doing what you want to do.. Guiding you to believe in yourself and release fear and limitations..
She will support empowerment and growth of you and your team.
All with a huge care factor and your best interests at heart.

Business Educator

Catherine, a former TAFE lecturer and University study in education, has developed and purchased licenses for an impressive array of workshops, seminars and services that fit the needs of virtually every business…
Having spent thousands of dollars pursuing knowledge, accreditation, certification, and training content, she has a tool kit full of learnings. Catherine has a motivational flair to educate and to have you action learnings.
She shares this information through the coaching, mentoring and facilitation process, however, also runs training programs for clients, their teams and to the public.

Public Speaking

A highly accomplished speaker and MC, Catherine’s high energy and passion, along with her depth of knowledge, keeps you engaged and leaving events motivated, excited and ready for action.
Catherine is a magnetic and entertaining speaker for audiences of all sizes, who will energise your next event.
Articulate and speaking from the heart, Catherine can create adaptable content to suit the event.


With an ability to remain independent, and facilitate open dialogue, Catherine can facilitate mediations, workshops, multiple parties looking to achieve common outcomes, team meetings..
She has high energy and endurance and can motivate through training and workshopping with you and your team, able to tap into removing limits and excite you with what is possible, then supporting the path to make it happen..
Facilitating a group reach common goals is exciting, and invaluable for any organization with a team, as your business is only as good as your people.


Book underway, so blogs and business tips are on the authors table at this time. Loving the spoken word and with a real flair in delivering it, Catherine is putting this flair on paper. So, watch this space.