What they say


If you are serious about change but need a road map to guide you through this daunting journey
There is only one person I would recommend, Catherine Gurr.

A compassionate & tough campaigner who could have saved the Titanic if she was there!

To put some meat on these bones, Catherine has been instrumental in preparing my business for growth by providing clarity, a reinvigorated team and provided the tools for us to discover real solutions to problems from top to bottom.

Catherine also helped me stare down the fear that constrained me and so the business, I cannot thank her enough.”

Wayne Earl Earl Brandspace Pty Ltd.

I am delighted to recommend working with Catherine as your coach.
She is insightful, persistent and makes sure you put one foot in front of the other to ensure you always make progress – even when you most want to avoid it.

Catherine always goes the extra mile – emailing, phoning and following up, not when asked to but because she cares – what a huge difference that makes.

The results for me, reaching the end of my lease on one business and being at a crossroad for where to next, was gaining the clarity about what I wanted, the focus to launch my next business venture, support with the ‘how to’ progress by creating the action plan to make it happen and the accountability to ensure I followed through.

In a short period of time, I had my new business up and running, goal posts quickly reached and am passionately pursuing my purpose, with renewed energy and drive..

Louise Lucas Property Education Company

Catherine is a rare individual that can stay independent and has the ability to be fair to all, even if multiple parties are involved.

She can can therefore often gain consensus to move forward in the direction you have set, that you would not have achieved on your own.

Getting normally unsaid matters out there in a non-confrontational way so that everything can be dealt with and therefore everyone walks out of the room with nothing left on the table, improving the transparency in your business.. I found this fresh approach to openness and dialogue generated a very positive way forward.

She has high energy and endurance and can motivate through training and workshopping with you and your team, able to tap into removing limits and excite you with what is possible, then supporting the path to make it happen..

She is strong in holding you and your team accountable and whilst she doesn’t always say what you want to hear, you will know it has to be said.

I have worked with her in several business and watched her coach and mentor individuals to achieve the goals she extracted from the directors, that quite honestly I was of the opinion these team members could not do and would have fired.
Where the businesses then excelled in growth and profits, with much improved culture and team work in the process.

I have had personal and business coaching with Catherine, had her chair the board in one of my businesses, she has held workshops, training, mentoring in my various businesses and become a trusted and valued advisor.

John Higgs LIFT Holdings

When I first received information about business coaching by Catherine Gurr, I was not interested at all. Prior poor experiences with a number of other consultants had put me off. I finally let myself be talked into attending a free presentation.
Catherine and I connected immediately. Her lively, fun and highly informative presentation overcame my hesitation; I signed up on the spot. Over the following years Catherine got me to understand my business better and to gain clarity on all aspects. She got me to stretch and was never satisfied until limits had been reached. Above all, Catherine kept me focused and on track, and introduced me to new levels of self-discipline and accountability.  
I decided to arrange a series of Australia-wide seminars to make Catherine’s know-how available to our clients. These events were a great success. Our attendees had a day of fun and went away not only with a set of useful tools and information but a sense of excitement and motivation due to Catherine’s high energy levels and expertise. Catherine received a number of messages from our clients, expressing thanks and appreciation and even that it was life changing.
I have attended numerous seminars by some of the most well known international names. I rate Catherine’s style, delivery and content on par with the best, it is something I consider she is born to do.

Paul Fister Omniderm